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1. How is the process? Why do I need CNIPBIZ’s service?

Your company or law firm needs to file a national stage application of a U.S. patent before the State Intellectual Property Office of China, but you know nothing about the Chinese IP market, and not sure how to find a competent firm who can handle the work. We can help you to locate such a law firm and send the case to the Chinese firm. We can also accept and disburse the payment and facilitate the whole transaction process. Basically you are dealing with a U.S. company. In some ways we are “IP agents” who play a similar role as an insurance agent when you are shopping around the insurance.

2. May I save money by retaining CNIPBIZ consulting service?

In most cases the answer is yes. We help U.S. clients to negotiate a group purchase price. We also shop around the Chinese firms to select the firms with most competitive rates without compromising the quality. There are many small or medium sized firms in China established by veterans of Big Laws, they are in need of cases. They are experienced agents and willing to do the case at very competitive rates with the same quality that Big Laws can offer.

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基因专利性的新标准 耗时最长的美国专利申请 间接侵权标准的新发展 专利穷尽原则的应用范围

3. Are you a law firm? Do you get involved in the IP prosecution in China?

Although many members of CNIPBIZ are licensed patent attorneys in the U.S. or patent agents in China, CNIPBIZ is not a law firm and do not provide legal services. We are simply a consulting firm offering U.S. companies for IP solutions in China. We do not get involved in either IP prosecution or litigation in China. Our role is rather to connect the US companies or law firms with Chinese IP markets, and ensures the smooth transaction process. The U.S. companies or law firms need to sign a separate legal service agreement with the chosen Chinese firms.

4. I trust more on someone who I can meet in person. Houston is too far away!

Our consulting firm is located in Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S. with the one of the largest legal markets in the U.S. Our local clients can take advantage of this and meet us in person to discuss their needs. While we are expanding our businesses, we will hire the consultants in major markets in the U.S., then clients in other cities will be able to meet our consultants/sales representatives in person. However, the face-to-face meeting is not necessary in many instances. As a matter of fact we have many clients we have never met in person, they made the hiring decision based on our reputation and referrals from our former clients. In the information era, the face-to-face meeting is not essential anymore. The most important thing is to get the work done.

5. Our company has an IP portfolio, and we seek potential buyers in China

You found the right place. We have broad connections with Chinese IP firms and companies in different industries. We can help you to match the potential buyers or licensees in China, and monitor the transaction process.

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